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At ILUNION Hotels we are celebrating a week chock-full of activities to “reimagine, recreate, restore” the environment. Together we can be #GenerationRestoration, the banner chosen by the United Nations for a range of sustainability initiatives at world level.

We have been putting some of these actions in place for some time now, and now we are reinforcing them. We know that you will want to take part and be an active part in many of them.

We start today, Friday 4, with a new campaign to recover more used oil, beating our record of 6,500 litres/year.

We will also be planting trees, re-greening our cities, replanting our gardens and cleaning our rivers and coasts.

We support the challenge issued by ILUNION Reciclados to reincorporate small domestic appliances that are no longer in use back into the production cycle.

We also propose a series of healthy changes, for you and for the planet, including increasing the proportion of plant foods in our diets, to help reduce CO2 emissions.

Together we are more and between us we can make the planet a better place.