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As part of the 16th HOSTELTUR Forum held last week, our CEO José Ángel Preciados participated in a round table entitled ‘Marketing and distribution: key aspects of the tourism industry’ alongside Christian Boutin, Managing Director of Amadeus España and Rafael García Garrido, CEO of Nautalia Viajes.

The participants in the round table expressed their optimism for the future, predicting the industry’s imminent recovery and the emergence of new opportunities to improve processes offering greater speed and precision in our customer relations.

According to José Ángel, “This is an exciting time for us as we face a challenge that, as a sector, we are sure to overcome and emerge from stronger. Once this crisis has passed, we will be much more committed to society and to our customers and employees, as well as to the environment. The digital transformation will make us more professional, allowing us to compete better and bring added value to our customers”.

If you want to hear more, you can watch the replay of the round table below.

ILUNIOH Hotels stays ahead of the curve by participating actively in the most prestigious forums in the industry.